More than just a co-worker

Have you ever met someone who was happy all the time, but not in an annoying way?  Someone who can get anyone to crack a smile?  Someone who just “wreaks” of positivity no matter the situation?  Well, if you haven’t, I would like to introduce you to Be12390976_1073309566033362_2296115407172148746_nthany Folse.

When I first started my new job here in Thibodaux, I was extremely nervous.  I was an outsider walking into a tight knit group and I was not sure how I was going to fit in.  All those fears instantly went away when I met Bethany.  Bethany is the first friend you make when you start working here.  She is the one who “shows you the ropes” and makes you feel like you’re part of the restaurant family.

My favorite thing about Bethany would have to be how optimistic she is, even in tough situations,” co-worker D.J. Reed says.

Bethany has been working within the restaurant industry since 2010.  Her current employer took a chance on her since this was her first time ever waiting tables – obviously they lucked out!  Since starting in 2010, she has worked almost every position within the restaurant hierarchy.  She has been a hostess, server, QA, togo specialist, bartender, and front of house (FOH) key – which is like b4b954a9-0862-4a00-8572-75a30c3aa6a8an assistant manager.  Out of all the positions she has worked however, she says that serving will always be her “go to.”

Being in the midst of all the action is why I love what I do.  No two days are the same,” she says.

Bethany explained to me that working in the restaurant industry has helped her in so many unexpected ways.  She opened up to me about how she suffers from social anxiety and how working in the restaurant environment has helped her overcome a lot of challenges dealing with that.  I mean let’s face the facts – you can’t be a shy server.  Most importantly, it has taught her to be more aware of how to treat people.

Finding love on the clock


I admire Bethany for her willingness to always help others.  Whether it is runn
ing food in the middle of a busy shift or cracking a corny joke because she notices you aren’t having the best day, she is literally always finding the best in everything and everyone.  She is a unique individual who once you meet her, you want, and nf7248053-13d0-4f40-bf91-17d14ddb0e50eed, to keep her in your life.  She is someone I can go to with anything, work related or not, and being in Thibodaux with no family nearby, that means a lot.

She even takes phone orders with a smile – how precious?!

One of our coworkers, Emily Lee, says it best, “Bethany is our Dory, she is innocent and friendly and always trying to make you smile.”