“How many?”

If you have ever worked in a restaurant that is the two wo37048-O0XUOIrded question you must ask every guest as they enter.  That simple, short question can turn your seemingly relaxing shift into extreme chaos in a split second.  At the front line of the madness, is the hostess/host.  Most of the time the host/hostess is overlooked and thought to have the “easiest” job within a restaurant – well I beg to differ. Having worked in multiple restaurants throughout my high school and college careers, I have seen it all.. okay maybe not all, but a good bit.  From getting yelled (even cursed) at to getting slipped a twenty from a guest, hosting can be quite unpredictable! While it is not the ideal job, it pays the rent and I am almost guaranteed free entertainment every shift – why would I pass that up? So, come meet me at table one to get all the juicy gossip from personal horror stories, advice, favorite customers, and much more!




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