Get off the dang cell phone!

Ok, let’s get this show started!

One of the luxuries that many restaurants, if not all, offer is the ability to get food togo.  In some restaurants, the hostess/host is responsible for this, sometimes it’s the bartender, and sometimes there is a person who’s strictly there to handle togo orders.  Plot twist – not only am I the “hostess with the mostess,” I happen to be a togo specialist as well.  That’s right, a SPECAILIST!  They just don’t give that title out to just anyone, you have to earn it!  This position requires you take phone orders, cash customers out, and put the orders together (easier said than done my friends).  So I would like to share one of my personal tales from the togo counter that happened a couple weeks ago.

A customer was picking up her order, and the whole time we were conversing (me asking her name, her telling me, me telling her how much, etc.) she was on her cell phone…#RUDEcell-phone-text-clipart-no-text-sign-md.  But I didn’t let it affect my customer service skills.  It came time for her to pay and she handed me her money and I did my thing on the computer and went to hand her change (mind you she is still on the phone) so I placed the change on the… wait for it… THE COUNTER *cue dramatic music.* She picked it up and went about her day, laughing and smiling with me.  About 20 minutes later she comes back into the restaurant and I’m thinking she needed something or I forgot to add something to her order (wouldn’t be the first time).  She instead goes straight for the bar and complains about how rude I was for not placing her change in her hand.  Now let me say this, I always try to place change in people’s hands because I know some people are weird about it, and it’s a sign of respect – I GET IT, I REALLY DO – but to leave and then come back just to complain…can you say dramatic?? In my defense, she was ON THE CELL PHONE, and I just assumed she was “talking with her hands” (I’m Italian so I assume everyone does that..?) so I placed her change on the counter.  Of course, I apologized and made myself sound “oh so sorry”… if she only knew what I was saying to her in my head.

So… what did this teach me:

1)people are dramatic and will complain about ANYTHING for something free

2)Doesn’t matter what is going on, the restaurant could be on fire, you could be bleeding out, or a zombie attack…ALWAYS PLACE THE CHANGE IN THE CUSTOMER’S HAND!


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