Table for Two?

This past week I had the pleasure of training another hostess at my job.  She’s awesome by the way, and I think she will fit in perfectly!  Anyways, since it was her last training shift, she took the lead and was responsible for making all the “seating decisions.”

In the middle of the shift, right before our dinner rush (which never happened because it was a Monday) two gentlemen came in.  The new hostess asked, “table for two?” and the two men proceeded to laugh and her and I just looked at each other because we did not understand the joke.  Once they finished laughing, they responded withpolls_404239464_CP971_0343_176555_answer_2_xlarge “Okay..don’t say ‘table for two,’ that sounds so gay.”  And with that comment my respect level for these guys went to ZERO! Like are you serious right now!?  Of course, I ran to the kitchen to tell my coworkers and one of them suggested we go add some candles to their table to “set the mood” – sounded really tempting!

While I am not personally gay, a lot of my friends (and some coworkers) are and for them to make that comment and laugh it off just made my blood boil! Usually comments like this don’t get to me, but this one did.  I have the utmost respect for individuals who come out as gay, because lets face it, in today’s world I can’t imagine it’s an easy thing for some to do and they should not be mocked.

So for this customer spotlight, which is not a good one (if you haven’t guessed) goes to the two gentlemen (and I use that term loosely) who need to realize its 2016 and those comments are NOT OK!


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