There are still some nice people in this world – SHOCKER!!

Recently one of my co-workers quit.  He was strictly a togo person, so all of his shifts were up for grabs.  Since he quit I have been working the togo counter almost every night.  This comes with positives and negatives.

Valentine’s Day for instance was a HUGE negative.  There are not enough words in the English language for me to describe the emotions I felt working that day/night.  But this is a happy post so we will leave the negativity in the past.

This past Thursday I was working in togo, and this lady came in to pick up her order.  She wasn’t young, but not exactly old either.  Her order was simple and should not have taken long to prepare.  Since her order was simple and should not have taken long to prepare – it did.  One of the items she ordered was a large nacho.  These are not your typical nachos though, there is a little more involved then chips and cheese dip.  After I closed her order and she paid for it, I told her it shouldn’t be much longer.  When I went to check on her nachos, I noticed they had a ticket time (that’s how long it had been since she placed the order) of 30 MINUTES!  Thirty minutes for some nachos?! That was crazy.  I repeatedly apologized to the lady and one of the times, with a smile on her face, she replied with, “Well at least they will be fresh.”  I laughed and said, “I wish more people had that attitude.”

What some people tend to not realize is that, I cannot help if the kitchen falls behind and forgets to make something.  All I can do is ask over and over again how much longer something will be and hope they are being honest with me.  This lady was extremely understanding and truly made my night.  I am so used to dealing with rude, mean people that even the smallest ounce of kindness goes a long way.


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