Sometimes the rudeness is worth it!

So recently I was working the togo counter and was taking a phone order.  The customer wanted to order some ribs, and since we offer 4 different sauces, I asked the customer which sauce she wanted.  Naturally, I had to give her the options and two of the options are “beer” and “Dr. Pepper.”  When I said these two, she got very annoyed with me and responded with “I don’t want anything to drink, I want ribs!”  Honestly yall, all I could do was laugh.  I had to put the phone down and just let the laughter out.  Once I composed myself, I explained to the lady that those were sauce options and her level of annoyance seemed to go away.  She didn’t think to apologize for snapping at me, but what customer ever thinks THEY are wrong?? In this case, the entertainment that was the result of rudeness was totally worth it!

dr pepper ribsdoes-not-equaldr_pepper-400-400


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