$3.75 richer

Ever since I moved to working togo, my hostess shifts have been few and far between.  If I do host, it is usually a morning shift.  Morning host shifts are usually only about 3 hours and it can go one of two ways.  It can either be:

  • The slowest 3 hours of my life where watching paint dry would be better than standing there


  • The craziest 3 hours of my life where I re-think ever applying for this job in the first place.

Well my latest hosting shift fell under the second category.  Two servers called in sick, so we had to run with 1 bartender and 2 servers for the whole restaurant/ lounge.  One of the two servers that were on the floor that day, was one our weaker servers.  We had a somewhat busy lunch, so the servers got overwhelmed for a good amount of time.  I had a party of 5 come in, it was a woman, her mother, and her 3 children.  They were in no rush, but after they were seated for a good 25 minutes and weren’t greeted, I took it upon myself to greet them and get their drinks started.  I also brought out some chips and salsa for the kids to munch on.

Another 15 or so minutes go by and still no server had gone to the table, so I grabbed some ripped paper and a crayon and went to the table and took their order.  I rang the order in, refilled their drinks, and brought out their food…basically I was their server.  I kept apologizing over and over again for the terrible service I wb5227b9f-b4fe-4385-b9a9-8187f9891facas providing since I was trying to keep an eye on the door, wait on them, and clean tables.  They assured  me that they understood and saw me trying to do the best I could.

As I was walking passed their table picking up dishes, one of the women stopped me and handed me $3.75.  She said “sorry this is all the cash we have, but we wanted to make sure you got the tip, since you did all the work.”  It was nice to have someone recognize the hard work I was doing and the extra cash didn’t hurt either.


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