Putting RECON to work

Working in a restaurant you meet so many people, but you will always have your regulars.  one of my togo regulars is a gentleman named Lance.  He orders the same thing every time:

6 oz. sirloin, cooked medium with a side of loaded mash potatoes, garlic toast, & two sides of garlic butter. 

I even know his phone number by heart – I know how creepy that sounds, but when you hear it over and over again, it sticks.  He always tips well and we always spark up a conversation.  I tend to joke with him that I am waiting for the day he changes up his order on me, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

One of the major pointers that give us about working in togo, is utilizing RECON.  RECON is remembering what frequent guests order and showing interest in their togo experience.  I know he appreciates that I, and the other togo girls, remember his order and always make sure it is made correctly.  He is a kind person, and its nice to have a customer who treats us with respect and appreciates the little things we do.

Unfortunately, he did not want to be pictured.



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