Being paid to sell food or to be judged?

When someone applies for a serving job, the application lacks a section where it asks if you’re ok with people constantly judging you.  If you’re ok with total strangers, most of which have never worked in a restaurant, tip you what they “think” your service was worth.  Servers put themselves out there every shift in the hopes they leave with a decent amount of money.

Let’s look at female servers for example.  Being that my place of work is located in a “college town,” most of our servers are younger, attractive, college students.  This opens our female servers up to all kinds of experiences.  From guys asking for their numbers to customers making extremely inappropriate comments, they have heard it all.

One co-worker for example was waiting on a table of six guys and when one asked for her number and she declined, the tip decreased dramatically.  Watch the story below for more details.

I can only imagine how defeated those guys felt and the names they were calling her when two seconds prior they were flirting with her.  To take away $7 from a server’s tip just because she has a boyfriend just blows my mind.  Way to be a sore loser buddy!

Did you know: The customer is actually the one who determines our schedules.

At my place of work, every table is equipped with a tablet that allows the customer to provide comments on their dining experience and the service that was provided to them.  These comments are recorded in a database and are printed every morning.  Some would be shocked to find out that a server’s schedule is determined based on the number of bad comments they receive in a week.  If the number of bad comments increases, your number of shifts decrease.  Just going to show another way customers pass judgement.  If the food was not cooked properly, technically that was not the server’s fault…that falls on the cooks, so why leave a nasty comment about the server when they are not the ones cooking the food and risk them losing shifts on the next schedule?

Sometimes, the comments are really out there and we enjoy reading them and making our own commentary about the customer who wrote it. Some of the comments can be very rude and even hurtful sometimes and it just makes you wonder how you could have possibly screwed up someone’s dinner so much?

I can side with the customers, too!

Being a server, you are all the more critical when you go out to eat at other establishments – yes as a server you tend to judge other servers ten times more than then average customer.  So, I can understand the side of the customer as well.  There are somethings a server should NEVER do if they expect a decent tip.  Check out the graphic below to see the top 5 things you, as a customer, are allowed to get mad over and leave that nasty comment,because lets face it, sometimes the server is in the wrong!

top-5-server-don-ts (1)

Why can’t we be friends?

The battle between server and customer is truly an unnecessary one.  Both parties are just trying to achieve one goal: a simple evening with no problems.  The guest wants their food correct and in a timely fashion and the server wants a good tip – both are achievable!  Hopefully you can take this information, servers and customers alike, and think twice before you ask to speak to the manager or give a table attitude.