Putting RECON to work

Working in a restaurant you meet so many people, but you will always have your regulars.  one of my togo regulars is a gentleman named Lance.  He orders the same thing every time:

6 oz. sirloin, cooked medium with a side of loaded mash potatoes, garlic toast, & two sides of garlic butter. 

I even know his phone number by heart – I know how creepy that sounds, but when you hear it over and over again, it sticks.  He always tips well and we always spark up a conversation.  I tend to joke with him that I am waiting for the day he changes up his order on me, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

One of the major pointers that give us about working in togo, is utilizing RECON.  RECON is remembering what frequent guests order and showing interest in their togo experience.  I know he appreciates that I, and the other togo girls, remember his order and always make sure it is made correctly.  He is a kind person, and its nice to have a customer who treats us with respect and appreciates the little things we do.

Unfortunately, he did not want to be pictured.


Bring on the alcohol…oh wait, nevermind


After tonight’s shift, I want nothing more than to curl up in bed with my favorite Netflix series and a massive margarita.

Tonight we were out of everything. From ribs to mash potatoes – we were out of all of the crowd favorites.  People were angry and annoyed and taking out their frustrations on the wrong people (aka ME!).  I am just the togo person, not the manager (who, by the way, makes the inventory orders).

And all I want is a drink, but thanks to my recent weight loss surgery, drinking is off limits for a very long time.  Of course, I don’t regret my decision to have surgery, but for now I’ll just stick to my unsweetened tea with 2 splendas……


$3.75 richer

Ever since I moved to working togo, my hostess shifts have been few and far between.  If I do host, it is usually a morning shift.  Morning host shifts are usually only about 3 hours and it can go one of two ways.  It can either be:

  • The slowest 3 hours of my life where watching paint dry would be better than standing there


  • The craziest 3 hours of my life where I re-think ever applying for this job in the first place.

Well my latest hosting shift fell under the second category.  Two servers called in sick, so we had to run with 1 bartender and 2 servers for the whole restaurant/ lounge.  One of the two servers that were on the floor that day, was one our weaker servers.  We had a somewhat busy lunch, so the servers got overwhelmed for a good amount of time.  I had a party of 5 come in, it was a woman, her mother, and her 3 children.  They were in no rush, but after they were seated for a good 25 minutes and weren’t greeted, I took it upon myself to greet them and get their drinks started.  I also brought out some chips and salsa for the kids to munch on.

Another 15 or so minutes go by and still no server had gone to the table, so I grabbed some ripped paper and a crayon and went to the table and took their order.  I rang the order in, refilled their drinks, and brought out their food…basically I was their server.  I kept apologizing over and over again for the terrible service I wb5227b9f-b4fe-4385-b9a9-8187f9891facas providing since I was trying to keep an eye on the door, wait on them, and clean tables.  They assured  me that they understood and saw me trying to do the best I could.

As I was walking passed their table picking up dishes, one of the women stopped me and handed me $3.75.  She said “sorry this is all the cash we have, but we wanted to make sure you got the tip, since you did all the work.”  It was nice to have someone recognize the hard work I was doing and the extra cash didn’t hurt either.

That time the customer didn’t pay…

So it was a typical Thursday night togo shift, things were starting to getting to get busy and we happened to have a guest manager in town.

My togo orders just kept coming in and my screen kept filling up and things were getting crazy.  So, this guest manager decided to “help” me and started closing out my orders.  This means that he was paying out the customers that were waiting.  Since I wasn’t doing this myself, I had no idea who paid out and who didn’t.

This one particular lady I had helped, I told her I was going to take her payment once her food was ready.  I figured the guest manager took her payment so when I brought the customer her order, she checked it, and walked out the door.  She walked out the door WITHOUT PAYING FOR HER FOOD!  I was beyond livid.  After an already crazy night, now this!  The usual procedure on checks that are left unpaid, the server is responsible to pay for the check.  Of course, this customer’s check was $40…and I did not want to spend on $40 on a meal I didn’t even eat!

Luckily, we were able to look up the number of the customer and the guest manager called her and she agreed to come in the next day and pay for her food.

Moral of the story:  If the server makes a mistake and forgets to take your payment, please be a decent human being and say something.  Servers do not make much and when we have to pay for unpaid food, that just money coming out of our pockets for your dinner!  How would you feel if you had to pay for another table’s food or another person’s togo order??  I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be too happy.

Sometimes the rudeness is worth it!

So recently I was working the togo counter and was taking a phone order.  The customer wanted to order some ribs, and since we offer 4 different sauces, I asked the customer which sauce she wanted.  Naturally, I had to give her the options and two of the options are “beer” and “Dr. Pepper.”  When I said these two, she got very annoyed with me and responded with “I don’t want anything to drink, I want ribs!”  Honestly yall, all I could do was laugh.  I had to put the phone down and just let the laughter out.  Once I composed myself, I explained to the lady that those were sauce options and her level of annoyance seemed to go away.  She didn’t think to apologize for snapping at me, but what customer ever thinks THEY are wrong?? In this case, the entertainment that was the result of rudeness was totally worth it!

dr pepper ribsdoes-not-equaldr_pepper-400-400

Go best friend, that’s my best friend


Bear with me, but I’m going to do another co-worker shout out.  This time it’s going to one of my besties, Stephanie!  Not only is she my awesome workout partner and great co-worker, this girl helped me this past weekend deep clean my house.  After our Saturday morning walk, she decided to come over and hangout.  Key word being “hangout,” which after working out, one would think of just relaxing on the couch and watching TV or something.  Well I just caught the “cleaning bug” and was on a roll and Stephanie voluntarily got up and was a huge help!  She stayed over helping until she had to go to work, so she really had no time to relax before her shift.  Just wanted to let her know I appreciated her help and everything else she does for me, whether it’s being my drinking buddy or my elliptical buddy – don’t know what I would do without ya!

It’s the end of an era

I’m a few days late, but this little bundle of sunshine deserves some recognition.

Six years ago, Kristian (a.k.a Tut) started working at the same restaurant I work at.  She has been the source of so many laughs and fun shifts. She was one of the hostesses that trained me when I started and made me feel very welcomed.  She was kind of like my “work momma,” always looking out for me.

She recently graduated from nursing school and is now entering the “big girl world.”  We will miss you so much, so you better come back and visit!

There are still some nice people in this world – SHOCKER!!

Recently one of my co-workers quit.  He was strictly a togo person, so all of his shifts were up for grabs.  Since he quit I have been working the togo counter almost every night.  This comes with positives and negatives.

Valentine’s Day for instance was a HUGE negative.  There are not enough words in the English language for me to describe the emotions I felt working that day/night.  But this is a happy post so we will leave the negativity in the past.

This past Thursday I was working in togo, and this lady came in to pick up her order.  She wasn’t young, but not exactly old either.  Her order was simple and should not have taken long to prepare.  Since her order was simple and should not have taken long to prepare – it did.  One of the items she ordered was a large nacho.  These are not your typical nachos though, there is a little more involved then chips and cheese dip.  After I closed her order and she paid for it, I told her it shouldn’t be much longer.  When I went to check on her nachos, I noticed they had a ticket time (that’s how long it had been since she placed the order) of 30 MINUTES!  Thirty minutes for some nachos?! That was crazy.  I repeatedly apologized to the lady and one of the times, with a smile on her face, she replied with, “Well at least they will be fresh.”  I laughed and said, “I wish more people had that attitude.”

What some people tend to not realize is that, I cannot help if the kitchen falls behind and forgets to make something.  All I can do is ask over and over again how much longer something will be and hope they are being honest with me.  This lady was extremely understanding and truly made my night.  I am so used to dealing with rude, mean people that even the smallest ounce of kindness goes a long way.